​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​EMD Latest News and Information

New Requirements for Single-Use Foodware Accessories and Condiments (AB 1276)​

EMD Webinar for Beverage Facilities (Breweries, etc) June 8th and 15th​  ​​​

Retail Food Fee Waiver Relief Program

Seasonal Restriction on Sale of Raw Gulf Oysters; April 1 through October 31​

Sport Harvested Mussel Quarantine
2021/2022 ​Fee Schedule and Information​

​COVID​-19: Coronavirus Guidance and Information​

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Open sign, link to New Business Checklist​ 

COVID-19: Coronavirus Guidance​​​​ and Information

COVID-19 is a new strain in the coronavirus class that is spreading throughout many communities overseas and has now been detected in sever​al states and in Sacramento County.

Water Wells​ Drought Related Information

​Drought Information and informational Links

​Sacramento Environmental Commission (SE​C)​

(Advisory Commission to EMD)
Information on Environmental Issues

​Environmental Management Department

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