Retail Food Protection Program

​The Sacramento County Food Protection Program, part of the Environmental Health (EH) Division of the Environmental Management Department, is responsible for the enforcement of State and Local health codes at all retail food facilities in Sacramento County (including all incorporated cities.) The enforcement of these codes is conducted through the following activities: 

  • Permitting and inspection of retail food businesses including restaurants, bars, markets, school cafeterias, bakeries, mini-marts and convenience stores, retail stores that sell pre-packaged food, mobile food vendors, and special/temporary event booths.
  • Providing food safety education and training to improve compliance with food safety regulations and reduce the incidence of foodborne illness.
  • Investigation of complaints regarding food safety and sanitation violations at retail food facilities
  • Investigation of suspected cases of foodborne illness.

How do I apply for a Health Permit?​​​​​ 

This Powerpoint presentation will explain how to obtain a Health permit to sell or give away food. It will include: who needs a permit, where to obtain a permit, the application process, fees, inspection frequency and how to comply with California Retail Food Code. 

Food Program Highlights​​Placards-Green, Yellow, Red image

In January 2007, the Food Protection Program enacted several significant changes. The most noticeable change was a requirement for retail food facilities to display a color coded placard that indicates the results of their most recent inspection. 

The placards are green (for 'pass'), yellow (for 'conditional pass') or red (for 'closed'). This placard must be displayed at the entrance of the food facility or another approved prominent location. For specific posting requirements, please see the Food Placard Posting Compliance Assistance Bulletin.

Other changes included increasing inspection frequency at food facilities that prepare unpackaged food.

Additional Food Protection Program Information​​

In addition to posting the Color Coded Placard, retail food facilities in Sacramento County are also required to keep a copy of their most recent inspection report and make it available for review upon request.

EMD has increased the availability of food facility inspection information by making the inspection results and the inspection reports available on EMD's Food Ins​pection Search page​. The inspection reports available here - in Adobe Acrobat format- are the same ones that are available at each facility.

Part of the enforcement process for non-compliant food facilities may include requiring that food handlers to attend a Food Safety Education class. This class may be attended by anyone wishing to increase their understanding of basic food safety practices.  Please call 916-875-1715 to enroll in the class or to receive the current class schedule, or visit the Food Safety Education page for a current class schedule.  ​​

Workshop Presentations and Outreach

Environmental health hosted free workshops:

  • Vending Machine Workshop. If you operate or service a vending machine with perishable food, this information will be useful. Topics included: application process, food safety information, equipment requirements and commissary information.​ Vending Machine PowerPoint   5/23/24​.
  • Cockroach Integrated Pest Management Workshop for Food Establishments. Topics covered: types of cockroaches, signs of infestation, prevention methods, tools for elimination and maintaining a facility free of cockroaches. Integrated Pest Management PowerPoint   11/15/23​

For additional information or if you have comments about the Food Protection Program or the Food Inspections on-line please contact EMD at the address below:

Sacramento County Environmental Management Department
Environmental Health Division
11080 White Rock Rd., Suite 200
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670