Recycling Program

​Sacramento County, Environmental Management Department (EMD) is delegated authority to conduct routine commercial recycling inspections within the unincorporated county of Sacramento and Citrus Heights city limits.

Unincorporated County of Sacramento:

EMD conducts on-site routine and requested waiver verification inspections on behalf of the county's Department of Waste Management and Recycling (DWMR) to assist with the compliance requirements of county's recycling ordinance (Chapter 6.20 of Sacramento County Code (SCC)).

For more information and resources for regulated businesses and multi-family properties, please visit:

City of Citrus Heights

Sacramento County, Environmental Management Department (EMD), in agreement with the City of Citrus Heights conducts business recycling and organic waste recycling education and inspections (began April 2021) at businesses already routinely inspected by EMD in Citrus Heights for hazardous materials/hazardous waste and for health inspections at restaurants/food facilities.

The agreement to “couple" recycling inspections with existing EMD hazardous materials and environmental health inspections is designed to lessen the impact to businesses by saving both money and time:

  • No additional fees for organic waste and recycling inspections
  • No additional inspections by another agency for organics and recycling inspections

Recycling inspections take approximately 15 minutes. During the inspections, EMD inspectors will confirm that each facility has recycling services in place, as required by AB 341 (business recycling) and AB 1826 (organics waste recycling) and will educate the operator to help ensure that recyclables are properly separated and managed, that there is proper signage, and that employees are properly trained regarding commercial recycling requirements.

For those businesses not currently within an EMD inspection program, the City will provide inspection services using existing or contract staff.

For more information and resources for businesses in the Citrus Heights city limits, please visit: http://www.citrushe​​ 

Other City Jurisdictions

EMD does not currently regulate or conduct recycling inspections in the jurisdictions below. If your business falls within these jurisdictions, please visit their websites for more information.

For more program information, please contact:

Sacramento County Environmental Management Department
Environmental Compliance Division
Recycling Program
11080 White Rock Rd., Suite 200
Rancho Cordova, CA 9567

916-875-8513 (fax)