Mobile Food Facility


The phrase Mobile Food Facility (MFF) refers to several different types of vehicles that food is sold from. Some examples include:
  • Food truck
  • Ice cream vans
  • Hot dog carts
  • Produce trucks
  • Coffee cart
All permitting inspections for MFF are conducted by appointment only.  Please call 916-875-8440 to schedule an appointment. 

Please see the link below for information about scheduling and preparing for a food truck inspection.

Mobile Food Facility Appointment Information (English) (Updated 11/8/22)

Mobile Food Facility Appointment Information (Spanish) (Updated 11/8/22)

Mobile Food Facility Appointment Information​ (Vietnamese) (Updated 11/8/22)

All MFF are required to have a valid permit sticker at all times for the county where food is being sold. 

 Food permit sticker imageTo obtain a permit, the vehicle must meet applicable California Retail Food Code requirements commencing with section 114294, submit a commissary verification form, complete an application, pay the annual permit fee, and pass an inspection.   

Vehicles must pass inspection every year to maintain a current permit sticker. 

​Please Note: Vehicles that do not pass on the first inspection may be required to pay a reinspection fee for additional inspections. 

​​Mobile Food Facility Frequently Asked Questions

To apply for a permit or find out more information, please contact EMD at (916) 875-8440. ​

Mobile Food Facility Plan Review

NEW: Effective July 1, 2021 all MFF applying for a new
category (D) permit with the County of Sacramento must either show proof that they
have been previously permitted in another county within the State of California or
submit a complete set of plans to our department for review and approval prior to the
issuance of the permit.
NOTE: For new construction or major remodel of existing MFF, the
MFF owner/operator shall submit a complete set of plans to our department for review
and approval prior to beginning the construction or remodel.

•  MFF Plan Review App and intake checklist (PE1740).
•  MFF Plan Review Guidelines

Please call Manuel Estrada at (​916) 875-8553 or email: with
any mobile food facility plan review questions.

Mobile Food Facility Fees
For a current list of fees, please refer to the current Fee Schedule
Mobile Food Facility: New Construction Plan Review (code 1740)
Mobile Food Facility, Category A (code 1631)
Mobile Food Facility, Category B (code 1632)
Mobile Food Facility, Category C (code 1633)
Mobile Food Facility, Category D (code 1635)
Mobile Food Support Unit (code 1634)

Further Information

Specialists are available to answer questions and conduct inspections Mon-Fri from 8am – 10am at the EMD (916) 875-8440. Please see Mobile Food Facility Forms & Documents for further guidance.​