Plan Review: Food Facilities, Pools & Spas

As part of the licensing procedure, any retail food facility, public swimming pool, spa, or recreational aquatic feature that is built or remodeled in Sacramento County must submit plans and have them approved by the EMD Plan Review staff.

This video: Remodeling​ or Upgrading your Food Facility? explains what types of changes may require plan review and how to get it approved.

  • Electronic Plan Submittal: ​​​Environmental Health Plan Review now accepts electronic plan submittals for food, mobile food and pool plan check. Electronic plan submittal is not mandatory and is offered as a convenience.  It is the responsibility of the architect/draftsperson/owner/etc. to ensure that plans are submitted to all required agencies/parties. Please review the instructions on how to submit an Electronic Plan Submittal and set up a SacCounty Drive account, and other frequently asked questions. Failure to follow instructions may result in project delay.
  • MyHD Portal: ​You can now view the status of Plan Review projects on MyHD. Use Show Details feature to track the status of a project as it gets completed. MyHD Portal​​
  • ​The Environmental Health Plan Review fees will be increasing. The majority of fees will remain unchanged. The proposed changes would be effective July 1, 2023. Plan Review Fee Change
  • Food Facility plans are reviewed to ensure that the facility will have adequate equipment and layout to allow for safe and sanitary food service, as required by federal, state and local regulations. Plans and specifications need to be submitted to the department before construction or operation if:
    • Construction of an food establishment is proposed; Conversion of an existing structure is proposed for use as an food establishment; Changes to the types of food, methods of food preparation, or style of service are proposed;
    • New equipment, flooring or finishes will be installed;
    • Old equipment will be removed or replaced;
    • Remodeling of an existing establishment is proposed; or
    • A food establishment has not been previously permitted by the program.
  • EMD Food Facility Plan Review Guidance Document​ - This guidance document is based on requirements found in the California Retail Food Code (Cal Code). It is intended to serve as a general overview of the plan and construction requirements and should​ not be considered all-inclusive. Please refer to the California Retail Food Code for additional requirements and details.​​​For further details about​ the plan review process, please visit Food Facility Plan Review forms.
  • Pool, spa,  wading pool, and recreational water feature plans must be reviewed to ensure that equipment is appropriately sized and designed to maintain sanitary recreational water, free of safety hazards.  For construction or remodel of a pool, spa, or water feature forms, please visit Pools, Forms & Documents.​

For More Information:

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