Tiered Permitting

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Part of the Hazardous Waste inspection and oversight is the Tiered Permitting Program.

Tiered Permitting is a State of California authorized hazardous waste treatment and storage program that matches each permitted tier with the degree of risk associated with the waste generators treatment or storage activities.

The 5 Tiers of Tiered Permitting program are as follows:

The State of California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has regulatory oversight for Full Permit and Standardized Permit facilities.

The 3 lower tiers - Permit by Rule (PBR), Conditional Authorization (CA), and Conditionally Exempt (CE) are regulated by the local administering agency. In Sacramento County the local administering agency is the Environmental Management Department (EMD) – Environmental Compliance Division.

Program Overview

EMD provides regulatory oversight of the Tiered Permitting Program, including:

  • Permitting of all authorized waste treatment activities.
  • Triennial inspection for all tiered permitting waste treatment activities.
  • Oversight of all waste treatment unit closures.

Program Assistance

Have Questions?

For more program information, please contact:

Sacramento County Environmental Management Department
Environmental Compliance Division
11080 White Rock Rd., Suite 200
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

916-875-8513 (fax)