Drought Related Information and Links for Additional Resources

​On July 8, 2021 Governor Gavin Newsom issued Executive Order N-10-21 for the State of Emergency Drought Proclamation.  This proclamation may have drought related impacts on private domestic wells, small public water systems, and large municipalities.

The Sacramento County Environmental Management Department (EMD) Wells Program is responsible for oversight of the construction, modification, repair, inactivation and destruction of wells in Sacramento County, pursuant to Chapter 6.28 of the Sacramento County Code and Section 13801 of the California Water Code.

Are you prepared for an Emergency? Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services has provided resources to assist you! 

​Domestic wells are classified as wells serving water for human consumption to less than 25 individuals less than 60 days out of the year or a well that has 4 or less service connections.  If you have a domestic well that has gone dry a permit is required for any type of construction.

​Funding Resources are available based on specific criteria. Please contact the related departments for eligibility requirements