Food Safety Education

Food Safety Education (FSE) is a food safety class taught by staff of the Environmental Health Division. When specific criteria are met, the owner of a food facility may be required to have their food handling employees and managers attend this class. This class covers the basic principles of food safety, including time/temperature control, personal hygiene, food contamination and facility sanitation. View the Food Safety Education (FSE) Class FAQs for more details.

Please Note: The Food Safety Education (FSE) classes listed below DO NOT issue the California Food Handler Card.

Please Note:  Attending a Food Safety Education (FSE) class DOES NOT meet the requirements of the California Retail Food Code (CalCode​​​) , section 113947.1, which mandates that each facility have an owner or employee that has passed an Accredited Food Safety Certification Exam. 

View the list of organizations providing Accredited Food Safety Certification Exams​​​

This class DOES NOT issue the California Food Handler Card.FOOD SAFETY EXAM AND FOOD HANDLER LIST 10 3 2022.docx

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