Mobile Web & App Information

The Environmental Management Department now has a new food inspection website specially designed for mobile devices such as iPhones, Androids and iPads. This site, m.ffi.saccounty.n​et​, when opened on a mobile device or smart phone, will show your current location and the 50 closest food facilities.

A free app on your smartphone: It is available as an iPhone application. Click o​n the icon below to visit the app store to download the app on your phone, or search for Sac Food in the app store:


Each facility is indicated with a marker that matches the inspection placard at the facility:

Green = Pass
Yellow = Conditional Pass
Red = Closed


Clicking on a facility marker in the Map view brings up facility information, along with links to the most recent inspection report, the main EMD food inspection site (where you can review recent food inspection history of the facility) and a link to view nearby facilities.

Both the List view and the Search view (accessed from either the map or list view) display results in proximity order, with the closest to your current location at the top of the list.

Although the web site is designed for mobile devices, you can access the map, list and search functions on your PC or laptop by visiting The map will probably not pinpoint your current location but the rest of the features will work, and you can drag the map to your current location in Sacramento County if you wish.

The data points, geolocation and search abilities are accomplished through the use of GoogleFusion tables and Google maps. The data is refreshed at the end of every day, so the map results are current. The data, unlike some other third-party websites and phone applications, is complete for all food facilities in Sacramento County.

Additional Information:

EMD has prepared a short training video for the mobile food inspection site and Android/iPhone apps: