Temporary Food Facility / Community Event

Frequently​ Asked Questions​

A temporary food facility is a food facility operating out of temporary facilities, such as at a fair or street festival. The temporary food facility is at a fixed location for th​​​e duration of the approved community event. Temporary food facilities must be approved by this department. 

Please see the Community Events page for more details.

Yes, when you serve food to the general public (either selling or giving away food), a permit is required.​

Yes. However it is best to call the Sacramento County Environmental Management Environmental Health division at 916-875-8440 and discuss specific permit requirements for your event prior to completing the application package. 

Please visit the Community Events page for more information.

Yes, unless you only have prepackaged food items.

A BBQ or any large flame cooking device. Check with your local fire department for more information. If the local fire department requires the equipment to be outside the booth, then we will allow it.