Apply for A Permit

The Environmental Management Department needs information about you and your business to issue you a permit. So, the first step for obtaining a permit from EMD is to fill out the appropriate permit application. In addition to the EMD Documents and Forms section please see the following table for the place to start to find permit forms and application information:

  • Selling food to the public (includes food facilities, mobile food trucks & carts, catering and community events (temporary food facilities) and Cottage Food Operations (Selling food made at home.) 
  • Handling or generating hazardous materials above minimum amounts 
    • Please​ see CUPA for permit information 
  • Septic system construction, repair or destruction/closure 
  • Well construction, repair or destruction/closure 
    • Please see Wells for permit information 
  • Underground storage tank (UST) construction, repair or removal 
    • Please see UST for permit information 
  • Generating medical waste 
  • Operate a public (non-private) pool or spa 

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