Retail Food Fee Waiver Relief Program

Local retail food establishments have been especially hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. On January 11, 2022, in response to this hardship, the County of Sacramento Board of Supervisors approved the Retail Food Permit Fee Waiver program. Funded by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), this program seeks to provide relief to businesses throughout the County by waiving the food facility health permit fee in calendar year 2022. 

The Environmental Management Department (EMD) is implementing this program by automatically applying the waiver to the retail food program portion of invoices generated beginning January 2022. Your 2022 invoice will include a credit equal to the annual Food Facility Health Permit fee. 
​​Any remaining fees on your invoice, such as stormwater, etc., are due and payable as normal.  

Eligible businesses are those in operation as of December 31, 2021.  If a change of ownership should occur after that date, the new owner will not be eligible. 

Please be advised that the Retail Food Waiver program is not authorized to use the funds for delinquent invoices. Businesses with an overdue account should contact EMD Accounting at (916) 875-8481 to discuss payment – payment plans or information about other funding sources are available.  ​ 

Frequently Asked Questions​

American Rescue Plan Act. On March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) into law which includes funding to local governments under the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (SLFRF). SLFRF allocations may be spent by counties for purposes that fall within certain categories one of which is negative economic impacts caused by the public health emergency.

Retail food businesses with an annual permit and in operation as of December 31, 2021 are eligible. Exceptions are permits for retail markets greater than 15,000 sqft and one-time/registration permits such as temporary food facility and event coordinator.​

No, the ARPA funded credit will be applied automatically to the invoice. 

The Fee Waiver program is effective as of January 1, 2022. The fee waiver will be automatically applied to the 2022 invoice. The credit will be equal to the Food Facility Health Permit fee.

Credited the same amount as the annual food facility health permit fee. All other program fees such as stormwater will appear on the invoice and are not included in this waiver program. Example: If your fee is $1,292.00 for a restaurant, then that fee will be credited on your invoice.​

If you have permits other than retail food, those are still payable. Pay those amounts as normal.

EMD will begin crediting invoices starting with the January 2022 invoice and continue crediting eligible businesses through December 2022.

No, ARPA funds cannot be applied to past due fees.

No, the funds can only be applied to the invoice as a credit and are not refundable.

No, The fee waiver program will provide a credit on the next invoice cycle in calendar year 2022.​

Eligible businesses are those in operation as of December 31, 2021.  If a change of ownership occurred after that date, the new owner will not be eligible.

Yes, invoices generated in 2021 are payable and you will receive your waiver/credit in December 2022.

Yes, each eligible food facility will receive a credit. ​

Yes, each eligible Food Facility Health Permit will receive a waiver. For example, a facility with a restaurant and satellite food service will receive a waiver for each permit.​